Energy — and a lot of it!

Last year we introduced our 550 Magnum Badlands, one of the first .338 Lapua-chambered rifles intended for the hunting market. With such a potent round in such an accurate platform, it can extend the range of many hunters. At half a mile, the bullet is still carrying nearly 2000 ft/lbs of energy, so it has plenty of oomph for 400 yard pokes at large game like elk or moose.

In case you haven’t had a chance to check one out, here’s a detailed look from Ron Spomer:

Select Dan Wesson 1911s In Stock

With our new Dan Wesson facility in full swing, we’re making more pistols than ever. Finally starting to catch up on lengthy backorders, we have a handful of Dan Wessons in stock:


DW Eco                    DW CCO

ECO in 9mm and .45                                 CCO in .45

DW Guardian                    12DW_VBob_Duty_finish_no_background copy

Guardian in .38 Super                               V-Bob Black in .45

DW RZ 45 Heritage

Heritage in .45


Head to your nearest authorized dealer to get an order placed, or if you don’t have a nearby authorized dealer, have your local dealer call us at 800-955-4486 to place an order.